Paul Elsasser has been making art for most of his life, working in a variety of media including oil or acrylic painting, drawing, print and sculpture.

Like every artist, Paul has a unique aesthetic vision that draws inspiration from his life experiences and daily routine.  Coming from a background in print & design has defined his passion for colour and an understanding of its ability to arouse emotional responses.  Colour and geometry are dominant features in Paul’s work.  When his work is placed in changing light conditions the combined use of metallic and gloss finishes provides a dynamic experience.

Paul prefers to leave most work untitled, inviting the viewer to make their own interpretation.  “Art is a personal experience meant to trigger our imagination, and evoke feelings or memories.  I love the process of turning a creative vision into reality, and I equally enjoy the challenge of translating another person’s inspiration into a finished piece.”

Artwork is available for sale or contact Paul to discuss the inspiration for an original work to compliment the colour, design and style of your home or commercial space.

Paul Elsasser

Glenhuntly, Victoria

Phone – 0409 794 717

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